[EN] Entering outside! Notes through care and arts. The Drought

Entrar Afuera

[EN] Last year, the Scottish magazine “The Drouth” and “Vessel Art Project” asked us to share some reflections about our research, Entering Outside, as a multi-site and multi-format dialogue among critical practices of healing and caring in the south of Europe. The goal, or better the aspiration, was that of contributing to a critical and innovative space emerging in the south of Europe, where to think how to transform the function – and the functioning – of the state. Concretely our question was how it would be possible to destabilise contemporary public policies and to rethink institutions and policies in relation to the commons of (urban) life.

We conclude in this text, that you can download here, that “the practice of care never rests after inventing something, declaring that the revolution is winning. It is a practice in which destruction and invention are related to the interdependency of cycles, lives: always related to its own sustainability, and at the same time with its radical transformation, in a social, environmental and subjective context in constant evolution. Care is not the historical accumulation and stratification of an institutional practice that resolves problems. It is an ecology of forces, matters and affects. An assemblage of contingent and situated implications, in which agents, objects, memories and perceptions configure recovery as a common venture of care. Care is not about the recovery of the individual body, to make it productive again, but the permanent pursuit of ways to nurture and enjoy lives that are, without exception, finite.”

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