[EN] All-icipating!

The last years slogan of the Berlin Disability and Mad Pride Parade was called: Ganzhaben statt Teilhaben. The activists literally translated the slogan from German into English saying: ALLicipating instead of PARTicipating, meaning, we want to have it all or we want the whole instead of getting only a bit. Or speaking in a more metaphorical sense: We don't want a piece of cake, we want the whole fucking bakery!

[EN] A different medicine

Frosso Moureli, psiquiatra y psicoterapeuta griega, miembro de la Social Clinic of Solidarity de Tesalónica (KIA) y ex miembro de la Social Workers Clinic en la fábrica Viome, visitó Madrid en febrero de 2016 para asistir a una conferencia sobre psiquiatría familiar. Aprovechamos para pasar una semana con ella, conociendo Madrid, visitando museos, organizando un encuentro en Vaciador 34 y una entrevista, que compartimos aquí en breves vídeos temáticos que abordan:

[EN] [IT] Questions / Domande

Michela Degrassi. The thresholds of institutional transformation in Trieste always land us in the midst of another crisis, a crisis that must be confronted from within the limits of our own work. Is it possible to think about a democratic practice in a context in which the right to health is ever more fragile? How can we make democracy more concrete within the right to health itself? How can the micro-area serve not only to build health for the city but also to build democracy in our institutions?