[EN][IT] Inventing a new welfare / Inventando un nuovo welfare

There are different models: on one side Trieste, with an extraordinary accumulation of knowledge and experience in the field of health, which is currently confronted with the national restriction of welfare, with political and administrative interlocutors that aren’t especially friendly, and recently with the social situation in which we lack movements that might allow us to play in new ways with the relationship between the inside and the outside of the institutions; on the other side there are the Greek experiences, which are extraordinarily capable of innovation in the field of what Rotelli calls the “contraptions”, the “artefacts”, the “engineering”. However, these kinds of experiences are born and develop out of absolute emergencies, so their longevity is always in question.

[EN] [ES] Community healthcare / Salud comunitaria

Víctor González and Raquel Corral are, respectively, a building official and a care assistant at the Local Centre for Community Health in the district of San Blas. In these two videos, they describe how the district has been shaped since the fifties, and the work in health promotion and prevention that they carry out in the Local Centre, which is organised by programmes and community projects and is run by an interdisciplinary public health team.